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  • Thu Dec 03
    Sessions 1 & 2: Neurosurgery & Vascular Future Horizons

    8:15AM CST | Opening Remarks | Chancellor Michael Amiridis, Vice Chancellor of Health Affairs Robert Barish, Dean College of Engineering Peter Nelson, Dean College of Medicine Mark Rosenblatt, Chairman of Neurosurgery Dr. Fady Charbel

    8:20am CST | Confluence for Healthcare Innovation | Dr. Fady Charbel

    8:35am CST | Introduction of The John Abele Lecture/Lecturer | Dr. Amir Szold and Dr. Fady Charbel

    8:38am CST | The John Abele Keynote Lecture: Bringing Radiosurgery to 2 Million Patients Each Year | Dr. John Adler

    9:00am CST | The John Abele Recognition Award | Mr. John Abele, Dr. Richard Satava, Dr. Andreas Melzer, Dr. Fady Charbel

    Introduction to Session 1 | Dr. Fady Charbel

    9:12am CST | Playback Health: Social Media, Mobility and Cloud Next-Gen Patient Experience | Dr. David Langer

    9:20am CST | Direct nervous system gene therapy delivery | Dr. Russ Lonser

    9:32am CST | Neurosurgery and the 3rd Industrial Revolution | Dr. Matt Howard

    9:43am CST | GammaTile:  getting a new tumor treatment from glimmer to glow | Dr. Peter Nakaji

    9:55am CST | The Shortest Distance: Curved Trajectories and the Future of Stereotaxis | Dr. Joseph Niemat

    10:07am CST | The Neurosurgical Atlas:  A Leader in Neurosurgical Education in the Digital Age | Dr. Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol

    10:17am CST | Engineering the Future of Spinal Surgery | Dr. Nick Theodore 

    10:27am CST | LIVE Question & Answer | Dr. Fady Charbel

    Introduction to Session 2 | Dr. Fady Charbel

    10:37am CST | Future Directions of Endovascular Neurosurgery  | Dr. Adnan Siddiqui

    10:49am CST | Feasibility of Robotic-Assisted Stroke Interventions  | Dr. Gavin Britz

    10:59am CST | Perspectives in Interventional Radiology: Will Robots do Our Work in the Future | Dr. Joachim Kettenbach

    11:10am CST | The development of an endovascular CSF shunt  | Dr. Carl Heilman

    11:21am CST | New Resorbable Stent for the use in cardiac and peripheral vascular surgery  | Dr. Harald Fischer

    11:34am CST | Workflow operability in the catherization laboratory  | John J. van den Dobbelsteen

    11:45am CST | A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into Entrepreneurship: Innovation and Collaboration at the University at Buffalo Neurosurgery | Dr. Elad Levy

    11:55pm CST | LIVE Question & Answer | Dr. Fady Charbel 

    12:05PM CST  | Closing Remarks | Dr. Fady Charbel

  • Fri Dec 04
    Sessions 3, 4, & 5: Advanced Imaging Visualization & Repair

    8:00AM CST | Opening Remarks | Dr. Fady Charbel

    8:05am CST | Introduction of The Earl Owen Lecture/Lecturer | Dr. Harald Fischer and Dr. Fady Charbel

    8:07am CST |The Earl Owen Keynote Lecture | Dr. Garnette Sutherland

    8:27am CST | Introduction to Session 3 | Dr. Charles Ray

    8:29am CST | MRI with Sub-millisecond Temporal Resolution: Novel Sequences and Their Potential Applications | Dr. Joe Zhou

    8:39am CST | Functional Brain Imaging | Dr. Kamran Avanaki

    8:50am CST | MRI Imaging for Therapeautic Delivery ev vivo CMRO2 and BBB Permeability | Dr. Ciro Ramos

    9:00am CST | Ingenuity in Medicine: Three Devices and the Geniuses Behind Them | Dr. Charles Ray

    9:10am CST | Task-specific anatomical models | Dr. Gernot Kronreif

    9:23am CST | Interventional Cryoneurolysis | John David Prologo

    9:36am CST | Irreversible Electroporation: technology and unique clinical applications | Dr. Yilun Koethe

    9:46am CST | LIVE Question & Answer | Dr. Charles Ray 

    Introduction to Session 4 | Dr. Charles Ray

    9:58am CST | Contemporary techniques for intraoperative visualization in modern neurosurgery | Dr. Uwe Spetzger

    10:10am CST | Augmented Reality Development: From Bench to Bedside | Dr. Tristan Van Doormaal

    10:18am CST | Enhancing image-guided interventions with augmented reality | Dr. Brian Park

    10:28am CST | Haptics and Augmented Reality in Urology | Dr. Cristian Luciano

    10:38am CST | Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in Digital Surgery | Dr. Kris Siemionow 

    10:51am CST | Medical 3D Printing: Overview and Experience at the University of Cincinnati | Dr. Prashanth Ravi

    11:01am CST | Bioprinting Scaffold-free Constructs with Cell-only Bioink | Dr. Eben Alsberg

    11:11am CST | LIVE Question & Answer | Dr. Charles Ray

    Introduction to Session 5 | Dr. Farid Amirouche and Dr. Mark Gonzalez

    11:23am CST | Biological Enhancement of Meniscal Repair: Current Concepts | Dr. Aravind Athiviraham

    11:37am CST | Innovations in enhanced marrow access techniques for cartilage and soft tissue repair | Dr. Jason Koh

    11:48am CST | Novel Epineural Patch Technology for Enhancement of Nerve Regeneration | Dr. Maria Siemionow

    11:59am CST | Reimagining Orthopedic Implants – Revolutionizing the Delivery of Biologics and Medication to Injured Bone | Dr. Patrick Sweeney 

    12:08pm CST | Dual X Technology | Dr. Jeffrey Roh

    12:18pm CST | Reduced Computed Tomography to Predict Vertebral Compression Fracture. A preventive health tool for Elderly  | Dr. Farid Amirouche

    12:28pm CST | LIVE Question & Answer | Dr. Farid Amirouche and Dr. Mark Gonzalez

    12:38PM CST  | Closing Remarks  | Dr. Fady Charbel

  • Sat Dec 05
    Sessions 6, 7 & 8: Robotics & the Future of Surgery

    8:00AM CST | Opening Remarks | Dr. Fady Charbel

    8:05am CST | Introduction of The John Wickham Lecture/Lecturer | Dr. Andreas Melzer and Dr. Enrico Benedetti

    8:10am CST | The John Wickham Keynote Lecture “Future Perspectives on Robotic Surgery” | Dr. Pier Giulianotti

    Introduction to Session 6 | Dr. Enrico Benedetti

    8:20am CST | 3D Robotic Exoscopy in Neurosurgery: Advances in patient care, surgeon ergonomics and what is possible | Dr. Lee Warren

    8:30am CST | Minimally invasive solutions for chronic implantation: implanted biorobotic organs | Dr. Arianna Menciassi

    8:43am CST | Initial experience with DaVinci Single Port (SP) platform in general surgery | Dr. Francesco Bianco

    8:52am CST | Impact and rationale of BJ needle® (2mm instrument) in reduced port surgery | Dr. Eiji Kanehira

    9:01am CST | Live Question & Answer | Dr. Enrico Benedetti

    Introduction to Session 7 | Dr. Enrico Benedetti

    9:13am CST | Are you prepared for the Future  of Surgery – 2040 | Dr. Richard M. Satava

    9:33am CST | Robotic donor hysterectomy in living donor uterus transplantation | Dr. Guiliano Testa

    9:43am CST | Robotic kidney and pancreas transplant in recipients with high BMI | Dr. Ivo Tzvetanov

    9:53am CST | Robotic Bariatric Surgery | Dr. Mario Masrur

    10:06am CST | Exploring Autonomy in Robotic Colonoscopy | Dr. Pietro Valdastri

    10:14am CST | The single port robot: tips and tricks single port robotic prostatectomy for cancer | Dr. Simone Crivellaro

    10:25am CST Intuitive’s perspective: Mastery of surgery in the age of computing | Dr. Jamie Wong

    10:38am CST | Live Question and Answer | Dr. Enrico Benedetti

    Introduction to Session 8 | Dr. Enrico Benedetti

    10:50am CST | The Road Ahead for Endoluminal Colorectal Surgery | Dr. Alberto Arezzo

    11:00am CST | Robotic 4 Healthcare | Dr. Stefano Stramigioli

    11:12am CST | The Surgical Team’s Projects during the 9 months of COVID-19 pandemic | Dr. Konrad Karcz

    11:22am CST | From images to sound: diagnosis by A.I. | Dr. Nicola Di Lorenzo

    11:33am CST | Minimal access surgery and image-guidance | Dr. Thomas Lango

    11:45am CST | Expand your view in Laproscopic Liver Resection | Dr. Ole Jacob Elle

    11:56am CST | Live Question and Answer | Dr. Enrico Benedetti

    12:06PM CST  | Closing Remarks  | Dr. Fady Charbel

  • Wed Dec 09
    Sessions 9 & 10: Artificial Intelligence & Innovation

    8:00AM CST | Opening Remarks | Dr. Fady Charbel

    8:02am CST | Introduction to The Gerhard Buess Lecture/Lecturer | Dr. Eiji Kanehira and Dr. Fady Charbel

    8:05am CST | The Gerhard Buess Innovation Lecture: “Artificial Intelligence and Health Equity: Quo Vadis?” | Dean Mark Rosenblatt

    Introduction to Session 9 | Dr. Thomas Royston

    8:27am CST | Clinical Innovation in the Era of Big Data | Dr. William Gormley

    8:37am CST | Multi-view data integration and AI translations | Dr. Joelle Hallak

    8:47am CST | 5 Rights in AI for Medicine | Dr. Daniel Ting

    9:01am CST | Evolution Strategy for Data Annotation Minimization: Addressing the Bottleneck of Machine Learning in Radiology | Dr. Peter Li

    9:10am CST | Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities for Interventional Radiology | Dr. Judy Gichoya

    9:21am CST | CT Perfusion in Acute Ischemic Stroke – A Treasure Trove for AI based Triage | Dr. Girish Bathla

    9:31am CST | Surgical Data Science and AI: Enabling objective assessment of surgical skills in a new era of surgery | Dr. Anthony (Tony) Jarc

    9:45am CST | Artificial intelligence in medical education | Dr. Danel Moreira

    9:54am CST | Natural language processing for medical informatics | Dr. Martin N. Kathrins

    10:05am CST | An Exploration of How Physician Driven Artificial Intelligence can significantly improve quality and resource utilization by individualizing healthcare delivery | Dr. Joshua E.  Medow

    10:15am CST | Live Question and Answer | Dr. Thomas Royston

    Introduction to Session 10 | Dr. Craig S. Niederberger

    10:27am CST | Microfluidic sperm sorting: a case study in the power of micromachines | Dr. James Hotaling

    10:37am CST | UR*LAB Innovation in Urology | Dr. Michael J Young

    10:46am CST | Machine learning in pathology | Dr. Peter Gann

    10:53am CST | Advancing Translational Research For Minimally-Invasive Therapies Using Porcine Cancer Models | Dr. Kyle Schachtsneider

    11:03am CST | Robots in Endourology | Dr. Marcel Fiedler

    11:15am CST | Teaching Innovation in the Medical Curriculum | Dr. Miiri Ann Kotche

    11:26am CST | The public innovator and the future of innovation education | Dr. Craig S. Niederberger

    11:36am CST | Live Question & Answer | Dr. Craig Niederberger

    11:46AM CST  | Closing Remarks  | Dr. Fady Charbel

  • Thu Dec 10
    Sessions 11 & 12: Vision & Healthcare Innovation

    8:00AM CST | Opening Remarks | Dr. Fady Charbel

    Introduction to Session 11 |  Dr. Paul Chan

    8:04am CST | MRgFUS Technology | Dr. Andreas Melzer

    8:14am CST | Losing the Feedback Culture | Dr. Calin Tiu

    8:24am CST | The future of microsurgery optical systems | Dr. Samuel Ohlander

    8:36am CST | Innovative Image Processing & Engineering Analysis | Dr. Francis Loth

    8:46am CST | Precision Guidance of Pandemic Health Workers: the Role of Community Based Risk Stratification and Surveillance | Dr. Sarah De Ramirez

    8:56am CST | Technological Innovations in Retinopathy of Prematurity using Artificial Intelligence | Dr. J. Peter Campbell

    9:08am CST | Seoul Declaration for Ethical Medical Technology Ver. 2.0 | Dr. Young Woo Kim

    9:17am CST | Optical Imaging of Retinal Morphology and Physiology | Dr. Xincheng Yao

    9:27am CST | Medical Device Prototyping; Co-design between: Engineers, Healthcare professionals, Companies and Patients | Dr. Joris Jaspers

    9:38am CST | Image Guided Ophthalmic Microsurgery | Dr. Yannek Leiderman

    9:48am CST | LIVE Question & Answer | Dr. Paul Chan

    Introduction to Session 12 | Dr. Paul Chan

    9:58am CST | Connecting research and clinical expertise with industry partners | Dr. TJ Augustine

    10:00am CST | Why Apps are disrupting healthcare, what innovators need to know | Dr. Paul Alan Wetter

    10:22am CST | Holistic view on innovation in the operating room. How we consider patient and customer needs in innovation | Dr. Charly Dalbert

    10:29am CST | Global Impact of Hospital Waste | Dr. Jenny Dankelman

    10:40am CST | Additive Manufacturing & Interdisciplinary Collaboration in response to Covid 19 supply disruptions | Dr. Daniel Schaumann

    10:50am CST | New COVID-19 test at NTNU increased test capacity in Norway and made it easier to cope with the pandemic | Dr. Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes

    11:00am CST | Common Mistakes Made by First Time Medtech Innovators | Dr. Lindsay Machan

    11:10am CST | UIC Medical Device Labs | Dr. Charles Frisbie

    11:19am CST | LIVE Question & Answer | Dr. Paul Chan    

    11:29am CST  | Passing of the Flag, Awards and Closing Remarks | Dr. Fady Charbel and Dr. Ole Jacob Elle

    The General Assembly meeting will begin immediately following the conclusion of the 32nd Annual SMIT Congress.  This meeting is open to members of iSMIT only.  Please contact Christine Melzer at with any questions or to obtain the Zoom link for the General Assembly meeting.  If you would like to become a member of iSMIT, please visit