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MITAT Journal

Minimally Invasive Therapy and Allied Technologies

Minimally Invasive Therapy and Allied Technologies (MITAT) is an international forum for endoscopic surgeons, interventional radiologists and industrial instrument manufacturers. It is the official journal of the Society for Medical Innovation and Technology (SMIT) whose membership includes representatives from a broad spectrum of medical specialities, instrument manufacturing and research. The journal brings the latest developments and innovations in minimally invasive therapy to its readers. What makes Minimally Invasive Therapy and Allied Technologies unique is that we publish one or two special issues each year, which are devoted to a specific theme. Key topics covered by the journal include: interventional radiology, endoscopic surgery, imaging technology, manipulators and robotics for surgery and education and training for MIS.


Editor in Chief: Alberto Arezzo MD

Editor Manager:

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Editorial board


  • A Arezzo

    Torino, Italy

Founding Editors

  • G Buess

    Tuebingen, Germany
  • J Wickham

    London, UK

Editor Emeritus

  • Eiji Kanehira

    Ageo, Japan


  • N Inaki

    Kanazawa, Japan
  • D Garbossa

    Torino, Italy
  • Y-W Kim

    Goyang, South Korea
  • M M Lirici

    Rome, Italy
  • A Melzer

    Dundee, UK
  • M Oderda

    Torino, Italy
  • M O Schurr

    Tuebingen, Germany
  • A Szold

    Tel Aviv, Israel
  • S. Vitale

    Cagliari, Italy

Editorial Manager

  • L. Panepinto

    Turin, Italy

Editorial Board

  • I Alkatout

    Kiel, Germany
  • K Caca

    Ludwigsburg, Germany
  • J Dankelman

    Delft, Netherlands
  • A Darzi

    London, UK
  • N di Lorenzo

    Rome, Italy
  • F Ferrari

    Brescia, Italy
  • J Fiehler

    Hamburg, Germany
  • H Fischer

    Weingarten, Germany
  • E Fosse

    Oslo, Norway
  • A Giannini

    Roma, Italy
  • T Hasebe

    Tokyo, Japan
  • A Hornemann

    Mannheim, Germany
  • M Hashizume

    Fukuoka, Japan
  • J Jaspers

    Utrecht, Netherlands
  • K H Kim

    Seoul, South Korea
  • AS Laganà

    Palermo, Italy
  • M Mara

    Prague, Czech Republic
  • J Marks

    Wynnewood, USA
  • B McLucas

    Los Angeles, USA
  • L Mettler

    Kiel, Germany
  • Y Mintz

    Jerusalem, Israel
  • G P Mylonas

    London, UK
  • K Nakajima

    Osaka, Japan
  • L Nathanson

    Brisbane, Australia
  • T Psaras

    Thun, Switzerland
  • J Rassweiler

    Heilbronn, Germany
  • S Saponara

    Cagliari, Italy
  • M-C Rassweiler-Seyfried

    Mannheim, Germany
  • G Silecchia

    Roma, Italy
  • C Song

    Shanghai, China
  • U Spetzger

    Karlsruhe, Germany
  • D Stoianovici

    Baltimore, USA
  • P Török

    Debrecen, Hungary
  • D Wendt

    Essen, Germany
  • T Yamagami

    Kochi, Japan
  • B Ystgaard

    Trondheim, Norway

Scientific Advisory Board

  • J Abele

    Boston, USA
  • D Birkett

    Burlington, UK
  • A Cuschieri

    Dundee, UK
  • K Grimbergen

    Delft, Netherlands
  • G Maddern

    Adelaide, Australia
  • R Satava

    Seattle, USA