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G. Buess in memorium

Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard F. Buess
(10.04.1948 – 30.10.2010)

Gerhard Buess passed away after a long and courageous battle with cancer in Herrsching/Ammersee on 30th October 2010.
We have lost one of the most influential genius persons in the field of endoscopic surgery, a pioneer, friend and mentor to most of us who always was very powerfully, demanding, challenging but fair and friendly in driving his ideas to realization.

His influence was essential to most of us and has helped us to develop into the most exciting areas of medical innovations and technology to which we owe him utmost gratitude and truly respect. We are sure that Gerd’s intellectual spirit will remain with us at all times and further stimulate ideas and new concepts towards less invasive medicine.

We shall always remember him in this regard and as a friend who was able to enjoy life.
(see attached photos)