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Awards 2023

Christian Heiliger

Technology Award

Implementation of augmented reality in laparoscopy: is it feasible yet?

Lennard Spauwen

Technology Award

Bioprinting of a living, functional, personalized osteochondral implant

Ronald van Gils

Young Investigator Award

Low-Tech-But-High-Impact Innovations, Initiated By Healthcare Professionals And Patients, Co-Designed With Students

Nicholas White

Young Investigator Award

Question-based development of high-risk medical devices: A proposal for a structured design and review process

Anneke Schouten

ORReady Paul and Janis Wetter Award

Anonymization of Surgery Videos with the Aim of Analyzing the Impact of Workload and Working Experience of Intraoperative Nurses

ChunHao Pai

ORReady Paul and Janis Wetter Award

Proximal smoke evacuation effectively maintains visual field during minimally invasive surgery

Kuan-Ju Wang


A 3D surface-based Registration System for Minimal Invasive Surgical Robotics

Tak Shing Ching

Poster Award

A Perceptive Soft Robotic Glove for Hand Disability

Ronald van Gils

Poster Award


Chun-Feng Lai

Poster Award

Using Virtual Fixation to Improve Ureteroscopic Procedures

Awards 2022

Kevin Cleary

Advanced Technology Award
Minimally invasive interventions with low profile MRI-compatible robots.

Jette Bloemberg

Young Investigator Award
A Wasp-Inspired, Self-Propelling Steerable Needle for MRI-guided procedures.

Roelf Postema

ORReady Award
A novel Veress Needle mechanism that reduces overshooting after puncturing the abdominal wall.

Sara Azizian Amiri

Best Oral Presentation Award
Optical Knife for real-time intra-operative oncological guidance.

Esther Paula de Kater

Best Poster Award
Flexible Wasp Inspired Tissue Transport Mechanism.

Zhen Li

Best Poster Award
Simulation of Deformable Vasculature for Robot-assisted Endovascular Catheterization.

Dharani Maddali

Best Poster Award
Holographic Visualization of 4D Cardiac Ultrasound Data.

Awards 2019

M. Cavaliere, O. McVeigh, P. Cantillon-Murphy, H. A. Jaeger, S. Hinds, K. O’Donoghue

Technology Award

Sensor design for electromagnetic tracking in image guided interventions

L. Ayala, S. Wirkert, J. Gröhl, M. Herrera, A. Hernández-Aguilera, A. Vermuri, E. Santos, L. Maier-Hein

Young Investigator Award

Deep learning approach to live monitoring of hemodynamic changes with multispectral image analysis

A. Malpani, M. Garcia Sevilla, G. Adrales

1st Poster Award

Using virtual reality simulation data to inform an automated surgical coach for robot-assisted surgery

C.-H. Chen, A. Illanes, T. Sühn, M. Kalmar, R. Croner, A. Boese, M. Friebe

2nd Poster Award

Audio as a means for tissue differentiation in robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery?

J.-W. Klok, A. T. Steinþórsson, J. Dankelman, T. Horeman

3rd Poster Award

Design of a statically balanced compliant laparoscopic grasper

S. Hein, A. Reiterer, P. Ujwala, M. Negassi, R. Suarez-Ibarrola, F. Waldbillig, M. C. Kriegmair, A. Miernik

1st MITAT Paper Award

Image-based 3D reconstruction of the bladder using structure-from-motion – results from the BMBF-funded RaVENNA4pi consortium

A. Illanes, A. Boese, N. Esmaeili, T. Sühn, A. Schaufler, I. Maldonado, C.-H. Chen, M. Friebe

2nd MITAT Paper Award

Surgical Audio Guidance SurAG: novel non-invasive proximally acquired information on tip-tissue interactions

J. Smit, B. Thomson, M. Fusaglia, N. Kok, T. Langø, K. Kuhlmann, T. Ruers

3rd MITAT Paper Award

Ultrasound navigation with active liver tracking in open liver surgery – preliminary results

Awards 2018

Christian Heiliger

Advanced Technology Award
Intraarterial Indocyanine Green (ICG) Fluorescence Augmentation by marking embryonal resection areas in colorectal surgery a feasibility study in a porcine model

Ho-Seung Cha

Young Investigator Award – 1st
New strategy for minimizing training time in EMG-based facial expression recognition for virtual reality applications

Frederique Meeuwsen

Young Investigator Award – 2nd
Intra-operative real-time recognition of surgical instruments with RFID technology

Manuel Barberio

Best Investigator Award – 1st
HYPER: HYPerspectral based Enhanced Reality to evaluate bowel perfusion

Jin Woo Baik

Best Investigator Award – 2nd
High-speed and Wide-field Acoustic-resolution Photoacoustic Microscopy

Awards 2017

Dr. George Mylonas, UK

Advanced Technology Award
Pre-clinical in vivo validation of the Cyclops surgical system for ESD- TJC

Christian Heiliger, Dr. Paolo Pacca, Italy

Young Investigator Award
Anatomic model for artery injury simulation in management of vascular complications in endoscopic endonasal surgery

Giulia Montalbano, et al. Italy

First abstract prize
Collagen-based biomimetic smart scaffold for bone tissue engineering

Marta Scali, et al. Italy

Second abstract prize
Ultra-thin steerable needle: an experimental prototype

Dall’Alba Diego et al, Italy

Third abstract prize
Mixed training in surgical robotic combining simulation and test on real robot: preliminary results

Awards 2016

Anna Rethy

Technology Award
Realistic organ phantom with flow for multimodal image-guided liver therapy research and training

Steven Beekmans

Young Investigator Award
In situ dynamic mechanical analysis of soft tissue at the tip of a 19G needle

Alexander Jaeger

1st Presentation Award
A light-dependent training tool for flexible cystoscopy

Daniel Ostler

2nd Presentation Award
A self-adjusting monitor mount for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Loic Blan

3rd Presentation Award
Granular jamming as controllable stiffness mechanism for endoscopic and catheter applications

Awards 2015

Arianna Menciassi, Italy

Technology Award
Melzer, M. Santoro, E. Dumont, DM. De Micheli, M. Muller: computer-assisted robotic platform for high-intensity focused ultrasound surgery: the FUTURA project 300 Euro and free SMIT membership for 1 year

Philipp Marx, Germany

Young Investigator Award
Hermann Wendt, Wojciech Kowalczyk, Heinz Jakob, Daniel Wendt: The development of a new physiological flow chamber for the investigation of artificial aortic valves 150 Euro and free SMIT membership for 1 year

Tereza Reichlov, Czech Rep.

1st Poster Prize
Pavel Jurak, Josef Halamek, Filip Plesinger, Jolana Lipoldova, Miroslav Novak, Pavel Leinveber: Ultra-High-Frequency ECG Parameter as a New Marker for Prediction of Biventricular Pacemaker Responders. 300 Euro and free SMIT membership for 1 year

Christoph Kment, Germany

2nd Poster Prize
Herbert Weissenboeck: Wireless pressure detector for control of wrapping force under compression bandages. 150 Euro and free SMIT membership for 1 year

Alexander van Oepen, Germany

3rd Poster Prize
Axel Boese, Michael Friebe, Novel Device for Minimally-Invasive Tumor Removal 100 Euro and free SMIT membership for 1 year

Awards 2014

Yoav Mintz, Israel

Technology Award
A Novel Endoscopic Treatment for Resolving Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Nikolai Hiorth, Norway

Young Investigator Award
Endovascular Repair of the Mitral Valve

Helen M. McLeod, UK

1st Poster Prize
Thiel Embalmed Human Cadaver: Extracorporeal Central Arterial Circulatory Model Development

Tomoko Uematsu, Japan

2nd Poster Prize
The Evaluation of Bacterial Contamination Risk for Connecting Support Device for Peritoneal Dialysis

Fangqiu Hu, China

3rd Poster Prize
Biomechanics Analysis for distal embolic protection devices

Awards 2013

Nicole Ruiter (KIT) and Robin Dapp (KIT)

Technology Award
3D Ultrasound Computer Tomography at KIT

Masahiro Waseda

Young Investigator Award
Evalutation of postoperative liver dysfunction using Octopus® liver retractor system in laparoscopic gastrectomy

George Alexandru Negoita

1st Poster Prize
Development of gait training equipment and its application for guidance of motion

Takuji Asano

2nd Poster Prize
Effectiveness of an artificial pancreas with closed loop system to achieve tight glycemic control.

Missoum Moumene

3rd Poster Prize
Biomechanical comparison of rigid vs. compliant constructs in spinal fusion: A finite element Study

Arya Nabavi

Special Prize – Navigation Contest (awarded by Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion)
for High-precise Navigation and Virtual Puncture

Awards 2012

Shinichirou Suda

Technology Award
Development of Bending Transformative Endoscope for Multifunctionalization

Chunman Fan

Young Investigator Award
Endo-Path Controller: a Simulator Device for Investigating Manual Control Skills for Steerable Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments

Alexander Massmann, Malgorzta Wolska-Krawczyk, Peter Fries, Guenter Schneider, Arno Buecker

1st Poster Prize
Magnetic Resonance Guided Catheter-directed Venography of Varicocele for Minimal Invasive International Treatment. First-in-Man Safety and Feasability Results.

Akiko Hirata, Emi Okada, Akiteruhashi, Michio Saze, Kiyoshi Onishi

2nd Poster Prize
Non-Invasive Evaluation of Ultrasonography-guided Reduction of Nasal Bone Fracture

Annetje Guedon, L. Wauben, M. Overvelde, John van den Dobbelsteen

3rd Poster Prize
Digital Operating Room Assistant-monitoring System for Operating Room Devices

Awards 2011

Doudou Xu

Technology Award
MRI Guided Focused Ultrasound Activated Nano Encapulated Targeted Drug Delivery

Ir. Kirsten R. Henken

1st Poster Prize
Strain Sensor Configurations for Needle Tip Position Estimation

Michael Conditt, PhD

1st Oral Presentation

Dr. Lena Maier-Hein

2nd Oral Presentation
Markerless Augmented Reality Guidance with Optical Techniques for 3D Surface Reconstruction

Awards 2010

Nassir Navab

Technology Award
Freehand SPECT in the Operation Room | Camera Augmented Mobile C-Arm

Tim Horeman

Young Investigator Award
Visual Force Feedback in Boxtrainers: is it Useful

Bjoern Gerold

1st Poster Award
Caviation in Therapeutic Ultrasound

Francisca Blanca Calinescu

2nd Poster Award
Critical Ischemia of the Lower Limb Surgical Treatment

Karl Oyri

3rd Poster Award
The Biomedical Wireless Sensor Network Project