China’s Call for Proposal and Talent

Call for Proposal and Talent

China’s Double World Class Project

World Class University and World Class Discipline

In February 2016, China’s Ministry of Education announced the project of  Double World Class, aiming to build the World Class Universities and World Class Disciplines in China. It will take 3 steps to develop the project in 2020, 2030 and 2050.

The new policy will support international collaboration through building joint research labs with world famous universities and organizations, and the international labs will recruit scientist from all over the world and pay up to international level of salary and package.


The Biomedical Engineering Discipline at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology ( has a long history and significant impact upon China’s meditech industry. I have submitted a grant proposal (2017-2020) to Shanghai government to

develop a World Class Discipline of Medical Device Engineering at USST, Shanghai.



This proposal has attracted strong interest and support from the university and government, an initial funding of 10m USD will be available to build research team and labs. Particularly I have proposed to collaborate with SMIT as a society of medical innovation and technology, University of Dundee and Imperial College London where I have connections before to develop the international lab. Now I would like to call for all SMIT members to participate the project if you have interest to work in Shanghai, and I will be happy to share more information at this year ’s SMIT conference in Torino, Italy.



Please Contact:

Professor Chengli Song, Executive Director Shanghai Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapy University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

334 Jungong Road, Shanghai 200093, China

Mobile: +86 150 0051 3058